Corporate Independent Ombudsman Program

Colegrove Management Associates, Inc.

ombudsmanThe challenge of managing people and conflict in our existing workplace environment necessitates a process that aids management in meeting the needs of their employees. Our firm is pleased to announce its Corporate Independent Ombudsman Program - designed to aid the employee and management, while enhancing company creditability, integrity and productivity.

Why an Independent Ombudsman?

Today’s business environment reveals company structures that have become leaner and flatter, creating wider spans of control and the need to continually strive to accomplish more with fewer resources, resulting in added pressures on the company’s leaders and managers. The workplace environment provides the manager with insufficient time for what should be aggressive “people management” or leadership - a philosophy and approach which ensures the satisfaction of our most valuable and important resource - the employee. Our Independent Ombudsman Program

helps unburden the manager from the many day-to-day employee challenges. The program is designed for “people intensive” service organizations that seek to gain the most from their middle and senior management and leaders, while ensuring their employees’ needs are met. The program strengthens the existing management structure by enhancing corporate credibility and integrity while creating an overall sense of fairness, confidence and credibility throughout the entire organization. It is an unobtrusive, confidential service that is available to everyone in the company - from the newly hired to the most senior leadership.

The program provides a process where anyone can register a complaint or dispute with the company’s Independent Ombudsman. In so doing, the employee can be assured of confidentiality and the absence of fear from retribution - either perceived or real. Additionally, in this time of increased employee corporate litigation, coupled with our society’s propensity to solve disputes in the courts, our Ombudsman Program provides a viable alternative for the employee when he or she feels the traditional company “system” has failed him or her, and it reduces the company’s potential litigation expense.

How does our Ombudsman Program work?

An employee registering a grievance is immediately provided a response to assure him or her that the complaint is taken seriously and an inquiry is being initiated. The Ombudsman will then immediately initiate an inquiry or investigation. Upon completion of this investigation, the Ombudsman will either assist the employee’s manager in providing a response and taking appropriate action, or dismiss the complaint as unfounded via formal communication to the employee. In all cases, the employee’s manager will be tasked with acting upon the complaint, and no complaint will go unanswered. The strength of the program lies with providing the employee a clear unbiased path to address concerns, while simultaneously reflecting a responsive chain of command. All of this results in added credibility, confidence, and a sense of fair play throughout the organization.

What is the payoff?

The Independent Ombudsman Program will enhance employee morale, reduce turnover, and increase job satisfaction, as well as provide the corporation with a strong litigation defense due to the program’s independent nature. It strengthens the chain of command and facilitates company confidence and loyalty. Truly a win-win for management and employees alike! What to do next? Contact our firm for additional information regarding this indispensable, value-added program. Our team stands ready and prepared to discuss the benefits of this innovative and resourceful management tool.