CMA - Business Solution Models

Our firm engages in all forms of planning that provides business solutions to business challenges. Planning provides a roadmap and direction to reach a desired destination or outcome. Planning includes Business Plans and Strategic Plans, as well as other planning tailored to specific client needs.

We also provide the management and leadership training necessary to develop and implement business planning. Our coaching method of operation will yield improved interpersonal, or “people”, skills as well as improved conceptual skills. Our coaching will enhance the manager or leader’s ability to view the overall goals of the organization which leads to exceptional performance outcomes.

Providing business solutions is just that, understanding a business’ current state or operating environment, understanding a business’ desired state, and developing ways to eliminate barriers to reach a client’s desired goal. Implementation is the key. A well constructed plan, passionately implemented, can achieve magnificent results. “If we fail to plan, we plan to fail!”


Exercising and implementing business planning, as well as follow-up, is also essential to success. This includes “communicating the plan,” as well as training and acting as a change agent for the organization.

We want to be the client’s business partner throughout the process and we have the skills, experiences, talents, and abilities to provide those desired results.

Following are some of the models we employ in our consultative work:

  • “What is the problem?” Model – The firm’s management or leadership believes that there are operational/leadership problems or issues that are detracting from business processes but does not have in-house expertise to identify the problems or to develop optimum solutions. The CMA consultant conducts an overview of the firm to determine what organizational areas are not functioning properly or that need attention, identifies and recommends solutions, and assists with implementation.
  • “Help me fix my problem!” Model – The firm is aware of specific operational or leadership problems but does not have the expertise on staff to develop and implement solutions for these issues. The CMA consultant will analyze the issues identified by the firm, develop solutions, make recommendations, and assist with implementation.
  • “Transfer of Management Skills" Model or Process Consulting – A combination of the two models outlined above. The principal difference in this model is rather than identifying the issues, developing the solutions, and implementing action plans, the CMA consultant works with the existing leadership and staff to train and transfer skills to the management team, developing management’s ability to better identify their own problems, develop their own solutions, and implement their own action plans.
  • “Management Services" Model – Our firm has a Management Services element that will tailor a Management Services Package to suit a client’s specific needs. These services can range from periodic outside oversight and review to providing complete General Management services. By employing this management services model, the client can outsource any elements or functions they choose.

Each of these consulting models is predicated on the assumptions that we are all in business to survive, grow, and achieve long-term profitability. We achieve this by providing vision, planning, organizational leadership, and controls. Colegrove Management Associates can help achieve your business goals and objectives.