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Corporate Independent Ombudsman Program

Colegrove Management Associates, Inc.

ombudsmanThe challenge of managing people and conflict in our existing workplace environment necessitates a process that aids management in meeting the needs of their employees. Our firm is pleased to announce its Corporate Independent Ombudsman Program - designed to aid the employee and management, while enhancing company creditability, integrity and productivity.

Why an Independent Ombudsman?

Today’s business environment reveals company structures that have become leaner and flatter, creating wider spans of control and the need to continually strive to accomplish more with fewer resources, resulting in added pressures on the company’s leaders and managers. The workplace environment provides the manager with insufficient time for what should be aggressive “people management” or leadership - a philosophy and approach which ensures the satisfaction of our most valuable and important resource - the employee. Our Independent Ombudsman Program



CMA - Business Solution Models

Our firm engages in all forms of planning that provides business solutions to business challenges. Planning provides a roadmap and direction to reach a desired destination or outcome. Planning includes Business Plans and Strategic Plans, as well as other planning tailored to specific client needs.

We also provide the management and leadership training necessary to develop and implement business planning. Our coaching method of operation will yield improved interpersonal, or “people”, skills as well as improved conceptual skills. Our coaching will enhance the manager or leader’s ability to view the overall goals of the organization which leads to exceptional performance outcomes.

Providing business solutions is just that, understanding a business’ current state or operating environment, understanding a business’ desired state, and developing ways to eliminate barriers to reach a client’s desired goal. Implementation is the key. A well constructed plan, passionately implemented, can achieve magnificent results. “If we fail to plan, we plan to fail!”



Leadership & Management

Our learning experience explores the rich fields of Management & Leadership in theory as well as practice, as both an art and a science. This transfer of skills also addresses the role of managers in the current world of rapid change, increased competitive forces, and increased expectations for the successful performance of employees and organizations. The focus is on the ways and means of achieving desired goals. The manager or supervisor will leave this training experience with a solid background in the nature and work of management and managers. Applications of leadership concepts to current workplace issues will be

Managing organizational behavior, as well as providing leadership and motivation, challenges us all to understand and embrace workforce diversity, elements of change, effective communication, and performance systems. Organizational behavior encompasses the study of individual and group behavior in organizational settings. A comprehensive review of these processes, as well as other pertinent models, will allow managers and supervisors to examine their role in today’s organizatio
ns and work environments.