Richard A. White

Richard has over thirty years of experience in management, leadership development, organizational consulting, as well as training in military, corporate, and business environments. He held leadership positions in corporations and the military involving executive development, succession planning, and organizational effectiveness. The successful entities that he has worked with include military units in combat, training, and simulation environments; extensive work with process performance of “battle” staffs; advanced development projects in major defense industries; and in small businesses, developing new and innovative products and technologies under the Federal Small Business Innovation Research Program.

As a result of his experienced leadership in combat and dynamic, ever-changing business climates, he has developed research products for the military, emergency management activities, and corporate entities to assist them in assessing, training and developing high-performing individuals and organizational elements. The process that he has developed is a navigational tool used in predicting and developing high performance individuals and organizations that achieves desired outcomes with effective and efficient use of methods and resources.

After doing his own extensive research, Dick developed a prediction instrument for selecting and classifying initial entry soldiers for the U.S. Army. He is currently working on publishing his research on high performance in high intensity environments. His interviews of Desert Storm soldiers conducted for this research have been requested by national museums, research centers, and the Library of Congress. Dick’s research efforts have been published by the Army and will be used for his dissertation for his doctorate. This research and development effort has resulted in a product for commercial application, which enables CMA to assess, train, develop and evaluate individuals and organizations for high performance.

Further educational achievements include an MBA degree from Pepperdine University, Executive Development Programs at Harvard, the U.S Army’s Command and General Staff College, Organization Effectiveness School, Inspector General School, Infantry School, as well as Airborne and Ranger Schools. While attaining the rank of Lt. Colonel, Dick was awarded twelve decorations and awards for valor and meritorious service. With this extensive background, Dick is a high-performing asset for CMA.