coal mining activities and resource requirements

Resource Requirements and Economics of the Coal

This report examines the natural resource requirements and economics of the resource extraction process, taking coal-mining activities as an example. Coal was chosen for the study because it is receiving growing attention as the fossil energy resource with the largest potential to contribute to the world's long-term energy supply.

Reclamation Advisory Memoranda Kentucky Energy

2019-6-15 · A Reclamation Advisory Memorandum is an open correspondence from the commissioner of the Department for Natural Resources to operators and other interested persons, that provides information related to DNR's surface mining regulatory program.

Mineral and Coal exploration guide

2019-1-31 · exploration activities only (not mining). Exploration resource authorities are issued under Chapter 4 of the MRA and Part 3 of the MRR. The application form This guide describes the requirements for each step in the process to submit an exploration resource authority resource authority for coal or minerals application.

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KPDES Permits for Coal Mining Activities: New Antidegradation Requirements August 15,2005 Page 3 of 4 Exceptional Waters There are approximately 21 8 surface waters categorized as Exceptional Waters. These are listed in 401 KAR 5030, Section l(2). Outstanding State Resource

Coal Sustainable Energy

2015-4-22 · Coal Power. Coal is the most used fuel for electricity generation in the world. It is a leading contributor to global warming and elevated rates of consumption are proving difficult to slow, especially as many developing countries increase their thirst for electricity.

What are environmental regulations on mining

2019-6-15 · Government-approved permits are required for all new and ongoing mining operations, including exploration activities. This permitting process ensures that environmental standards are maintained from the beginning to the end of mining and metal production operations.

Mining Queensland Law Handbook Online

Seeking to extract minerals such as gold, silver and coal is regarded as 'mining' and regulated under the Mineral Resources Act. In contrast, activities that involve extracting soil, sand, gravel or rock not for the purpose of obtaining minerals are regulated under the Sustainable Planning Act.

Mining resource activities (Department of

The information sheet How to address environmentally sensitive areas and offset requirements in an application for an environmental authority for resource activitiesESR/2016/1992 (, 274K) assists applicants with addressing environmentally sensitive areas and offset requirements in an application for an EA for resource activities.

Critical success factors for an outsourcing strategy in

2016-2-9 · Critical success factors for an outsourcing strategy in the Mpumalanga coal mining industry Francis Manhombo Khumalo A research project submitted to the Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Administration November 2006

Notice of the Ministry of State Land and Resources

2006-1-24 · Promulgation Date:2006-01-24 Promulgation Number:e043932006012420060124Ministry of State Land and Resourcesepdf/e04939.pdfB3,Nmineral resource, mining

mining activities and resource requirements

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THE COAL RESOURCE World Coal Association

The Coal Resource: A Comprehensive Overview of Coal 7 The choice of mining method is largely determined by the geology of the coal deposit. Underground mining currently accounts for about 60% of world coal production, although in several important coal producing countries surface mining is more common. Surface mining accounts for around 80% of

Mine assessment and rehabilitation NSW Resources

2019-6-14 · Before a mining lease can be granted, development consent must be obtained under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979. For information regarding production of petroleum (including coal seam gas) refer to Petroleum Production. Assessment process for mining proposals. Mining activities are tightly controlled in New South Wales.


2017-8-15 · 3. MINING SYSTEM AND RESOURCE RECOVERY (SMP Guideline Section 6.1) 3.1. MINING METHOD Longwalls 705 to 710 will be extracted using a longwall retreating system of mining, an established method of coal mining widely used in Australia and overseas. This method is described briefly below and in more detail in the subsidence report provided in

Nationwide Permit 49 Coal Remining Activities

2017-3-31 · As part of the project, the permittee may conduct new coal mining activities in conjunction with the remining activities when he or she clearly demonstrates to the district engineer that the overall mining plan will result in a net increase in aquatic resource functions. The Corps will consider the SMCRA agency's decision regarding the

Coal Exploration Activity Guidance Natural

This guide summarizes the most common requirements and recommendations for your chosen activity and is designed to help you submit a complete application. Be aware that this information is for guidance purposes only. (Coal Act) A valid Coal licence Authorization for mining activities within ALR-designated land for non-farm use.

Coal Exploration and Mining Geology Encyclopedia of

2016-12-27 · Coal mining geology activities include resource is exhausted, and the return of the land to other forms of use. None of these is independent of any other, and the geology of the deposit is significant GEOLOGY Vol. V Coal Exploration and Mining Geology Colin R. Ward

Resource requirements and economics of the coal

2019-4-26 · This report examines the natural resource requirements and economics of the resource extraction process, taking coal-mining activities as an example. Coal was chosen for the study because it is receiving growing attention as the fossile energy resource with the

Grassy Mountain Coal Project Land and Resource

2015-11-20 · Environmental Impact Statement for the Grassy Mountain Coal Project (CEAA 2015) . The requirements of the AER ToR as they relate to land and resource use are listed in Table 2.0-1. The requirements for the Land and Resource Use Assessment as identified in the Guidelines for the

Chapter 321 Control of Certain Activities by Rule

2018-12-7 · Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission Page 1 Chapter 321 Control of Certain Activities by Rule SUBCHAPTER E : SURFACE COAL MINING, PREPARATION AND RECLAMATION ACTIVITIES §§321.71 321.81 Effective December 10, 1998 §321.71. Introduction and Purpose. The purpose of this subchapter is to promulgate a set of minimum effluent quality

Mining leases and regulation NSW Resources and

2019-6-12 · A mining lease gives the holder the exclusive right to mine for minerals over a specific area of land. In New South Wales, mining leases are granted under the provisions of the Mining Act 1992. To be granted a mining lease, applicants must demonstrate that: there is an economically mineable mineral deposit within the area of the proposed lease, and

Information guidelines for proponents preparing coal

basin, coal resource, surface water catchments, groundwater systems, water-dependent assets, and current and reasonably foreseeable coal mining, CSG developments and other water-intensive activities, including irrigation. This should include any relevant information generated by a bioregional assessment. Where a bioregional

Mine Planning Software | Coal | SRK Consulting News

2019-6-11 · The most commonly used software packages in geological modeling for coal are MineScape and Minex. SRK Australia's coal group adds Surpac to the mix to calculate the reserves and conduct mine planning and scheduling of mining activities.

Grassy Mountain Coal Project Land and Resource Use

2016-9-21 · Figure 4.4-1 Historic Coal Mining Activities . Figure 4.4-2 Coal Rights within LSA and RSA . The specific requirements for the Land and Resource Use Assessment are outlined in the Final Terms of Reference (ToR) issued by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) on March 19, 2015, and the


2013-2-12 ·  33% of all Coal Production in the U.S. is from Underground Mines 63% of all Coal Produced East of the Mississippi is from Underground Mines In all states east of the Mississippi, except Indiana and Tennessee, the majority of coal production comes from underground mining activities 9% of all Coal Produced West of the Mississippi is